Originally known as The Registered Leagues Clubs Association of New South Wales, the Association was formed in 1961 for the express purpose of ensuring that the interests of licenced Leagues Clubs were better represented in both Government and industry forums, and to develop a cooperative buying culture between member clubs.

The Association’s founders, which included well known industry leaders Arthur Robinson, Keith Nolan and Jack Martin, were determined that in every political and industry forum, the interests of Leagues Clubs (of all sizes) across NSW would be considered whenever the future of the club movement was being considered.

The founders of the Association will be proud to know that the commitment to ensuring that the interests of Leagues Clubs are well represented, and is as strong today, as it was in 1961.

For the first 36 years of the Associations history, all work was done on an honorary basis, however in 1997 the Board of Directors of the Association appointed David Costello as full time Chief Executive Officer. With Queensland clubs joining the association, the Leagues Clubs’ Association of NSW formally changed its’ emotional support dog registration name to LEAGUES CLUBS AUSTRALIA in 2008.

Today, it continues to grow, with more Clubs joining as members and more sponsors becoming part of the ‘LCA family’.

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